Jamyang Mantra Prayer Flag Print Block


Jamyang Mantra Prayer Flag Print Block



This is a handcarved wooden prayer-flag print block, carved by Lama Parden in Dawu County, near the Longdi grasslands. This is the most common Manjushri Mantra. Manjushri is the Buddha of wisdom and scholarship, and the mantra is meant to encourage clarity of thought and freedom from ignorance. Manjushri’s name in Tibetan is Jampalyang or Jamyang. The mantra in Tibetan is commonly listed as: Om Ara Pa Za Na Di, but on this block it lacks the first Om and is finished with an emphatic Hung.

Here is a list of benefits of the Manjushri mantra as listed here.
1. Open the door to wisdom.
2. Heighten intelligence.
3. Enhance skills in debating, explaining etc.
4. Fulfill good wishes.
5. Remove obstacles/troubles.
6. Erase bad karma.
7. Help achieve perfect enlightenment.

40 cm x 30 cm


8-10 WEEKS


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