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Chyoger Treks and Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative are businesses based on the social enterprise model. We work to improve the lives of the people of Kham, and to share this culture with the outside world.

Based in Lhagang in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region in western China, Chyoger Treks and Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative are owned and operated by Djarga Mira of Lhagang, with help from of his spouse, Angela Lankford, of Westcliffe, Colorado. Djarga and Angela met in 2001 in Kangding when Angela was on vacation in the area; they married in 2006. They have a little girl named Sonam Tsomo, whom you are very likely to meet if you come visit us in Kham!

Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative is a Tibetan nomadic arts and handicrafts business. The business works as a cooperative which will help nomadic Tibetan artisans increase their incomes without requiring them to drastically change their lifestyles. Nomadic Tibetan products, also, are traditionally very high quality and long lasting, as well as beautiful. We work to bring the best arts, which nomads would normally make only for personal use, to the international market, as well as to encourage nomads to keep up their traditional skills.

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